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Jul. 10th, 2015

bang xover

Mostly Complete Fic listage

Notice - Many of the links in here that were put prior to June 2009 will take you my livejournal fanfic archive. The tags on the side will keep you in dreamwidth and ad-free. Haven't combed through them to see if any formatting was altered, though I guess I'll need to do so for the multichapter fics. Doh.

For multi-post stories, not all posts have been linked here, so use the tags to determine if there's more for any WIP. WIP are only posted to dreamwidth; I only post finished fics to AO3.

I know a few are missing, but after over an hour, this is what we have...Standard disclaimer -- NONE of these shows belongs to me and I'm making ZERO money off of this.

ETA - since links have been changed with the end of frogs_fics, please let me know if there's a broken one.

LeverageCollapse )

Burn NoticeCollapse )

FarscapeCollapse )

FireflyCollapse )

LostCollapse )

The Sarah Connor ChroniclesCollapse )

JustifiedCollapse )

SupernaturalCollapse )

The UnitCollapse )

Torchwood and Dr. WhoCollapse )

CrossoversCollapse )

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Jul. 5th, 2015

ff bosslady by cassiee

Friends Only Notice and Other Jebbypal Directives

1) DW has become my base of operations, and thus I have made this journal friends only. I'll add you if we have substantial shared interests, or what have you - just comment/message.

2) Given LJ Facebook/Twitter Fail 2010, I've eliminated commenting on my crossposts. Please go to my DW account and comment with a user id there or open id. DW Faq page has guidance on both

3) All fic will be crossposted, but I'll need to remember to remove the friends only over here, so you might as well hit the crossposting link at the bottom of each post and read it on DW. That's where you'll need to comment anyway.

4) All finished fic is posted to A03 under same handle, so that's an option too.

5) Active communities that I run (scc_reloaded and winter_deaddrop (burn notice)) have mirror sites on DW -- if you have a DW account, I appreciate you crossposting your own posts, otherwise, I'll post a link to it for you unless you specifically request I don't

I think that's it. As always, any commments on existing posts, DO NOT CROSSPOST TO FACEBOOK. Twitter is also my fandom ident, so I suppose I don't mind overly, but still prefer that you don't.

If you know me in real life, feel free to friend me on facebook, but please, do not mention jebbypal there as I prefer to keep things separate.

If we all abide by these guidelines, Bosslady will be very happy indeed.

Jan. 1st, 2015

unusuals worth and casey

Pushing the Waters Back - Push/Avengers crossover

Title: Pushing the Waters Back
Fandom: Push (the movie) and the Avengers movie-verse
author: jebbypal
rating: Teen
summary: Cassie gets annoyed when she discovers Nick has a never-before mentioned twin. Or clone (Division, enough said). Or doppleganger. Either way, this is going to take a lot of alcohol.
1) WIP and I'm dusting off my writing muscles
2) You know me, so you know to expect angst
3) Mentions of underage drinking, because it's a integral part of the Push mythos.
4) Unbeta-ed because of #1.
author note: So I've been trying to write Push fic for fleshlycherry for ages now. And earlier this year, when I finally saw Captain America 2, I told her I had a Push crossover bunny. Which I've started from several angles but haven't been happy with. But a new one was just birthed that I think is going to stick. So I'm starting out the new year by posting the start of it in hopes of fulfilling my often resolved New Year's resolution of writing more fic. You guys get to come along for the ride.

Cassie falls out of bed and it"s always Nick"s faultCollapse )

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Dec. 8th, 2014

unusuals worth and casey

Signal boost the fuck out of this

please sign petition to lower/eliminate new FDA fee for reusable menstrual pad products

Uh wow, this is super unnecessary. The FDA is considering reusable cloth menstrual pads a "medical device" and requiring a registration fee. There is no safety inspection that goes with it, it is simply a fee you must pay for the privilege of selling this "medical product." Which, by the way, a cloth pad is NOT any more than your underwear is!
The total fee is about $3,500. A huge proportion of cloth pad manufacturers are individuals who don't make much more than the $3,500 per year in profits. Basically all this fee is doing is driving the individuals off of Etsy and leaving the big players with big budgets in the game.
Not only that, but it will drive up the price of the products that are available on the market, which is an extra kick in the teeth since these supposed "medical devices" are not covered by insurance nor are they tax deductible. Not cool.
Please sign and share. If you have any friends who write for blogs or news sources who might want to cover this, you should consider sharing this with them. Feel free to copy and paste this description when you share.

We are thinking of starting an instagram meme to publicize and hopefully get john oliver's attention. Any ideas for memorable hashtags? And if you know anyone at the FDA who knows what corporate lobby is behind this, please share as we really want to get media behind this. Still need 96k signatures by jan 6.

Also, i have tweeted (under my jebbypal handle) at several news and feminist figures. Please favorite and retweet these to aid signal.

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Oct. 19th, 2014

dw crazy people

Ugh, again?

So, all my friends are doing the procreation thing. Nothing reaffirms my childless state as seeing them go through this all again. Absolutely no biological clock here except for a faint ticking when i contemplate my own mortality. And that is not a reason to bring another life into this fucked up overpopulated world

Eta: this is not to criticize those who have or want children, just my own headspace. And i know and have heard "its different when its your kid" but no. I would happily care for and sacrifice for my friends' kids. I just have no desire to have an alien entity in my own body.

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Jun. 21st, 2014

unusuals worth and casey

list of everything to do in the next 5 days

I am going to need to spend waaay too much money in the next 5 days.

Oh, one thing I forgot on the last post --- I'm going to have soo much more time off with new job. In fact, since the standard amount of PTO is 20 days, even prorated for the half year I will still have almost the same as what I was due at the old job for the rest of the year. Now to confirm with HR if that's in addition to the 2 bonus summer fridays or inclusive. ;)

textCollapse )

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Dec. 2nd, 2013

unusuals worth and casey

Turkey day come and gone

Overall holiday was good even if going and coming back involved too much traffic and enough traffic jams to convince me of a turkey revenge plot. Seriously, it's supposed to be 4.5 hour drive. It was 6 hours on Wednesday and 8 on return on Saturday. Ugh. But a gingerbread house was decorated, turkey was made and eaten, and fun had by all except for the 4 hour high fever and pulling episode my nephew had on Friday.

So, crack_van is closing. It's hard to imagine fandom with out it. I know it was one of first things I discovered on LJ and i still feel a bit sad that I never cracked the popularity contest to get recced in any fandom. Then I remember the wank involved in being a big named fan and remember it's not worth it. It was definitely my first and best lesson in writing only for myself when firefly passed out of rotation without me managing a rec.

I also enjoyed my time As a reccer-- did one or 2 stints for firefly and then did 1 for burn notice that also involved updated fandom overview and the torture of capping enough screen shots to do it justice.

Crack van was also responsible for introducing me to fanvids as well as many past and present flisters.

It will be missed, but I understand well the drain of modding a community, well at least of modding unsuccessful communities. I'm sure active communities carry their own pain :)

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Oct. 7th, 2013

elisha and puppy

FLASHPOINT fic rec!!!!!

Okay, I know I have some flashpoint friends on here. I wanted to let you all know that ArwenLune has started writing fic for flashpoint

Meddling is such a negative word

It's Greg-centric, it's a happy fic, that josses things (she's only seen midway through season 2 thus far), but true to ArwenLune, it's also developing complex layers. Currently it's a WIP, but she has A LOT written on it already so I don't think there's much worry about it not finishing.

And really, it's ArwenLune!! Of fabulous Generation Kill/SGA crossover Rock Happy.

What more needs to be said?? Go, read, comment, and pimp!!!

There simply can never be enough good Flashpoint fic!!

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Sep. 20th, 2013

scc cameron

Dear 2013: karma doesn't have to balance with bad luck

1) whatever has been up with my stomach the last 2 and a half days, can really stop right now. Thought I was in the clear since dinner went fine last night, but back to gurgly impending doom again. And can't figure out what I did that triggered it which means a virus is more likely than anything else (though exceeding 2 pieces of semi-safe pizza at my going away party yesterday was not my smartest move ever)

2) I have apartment \0/ And am cleared to move in after 27th!!! Despite my mother's misgivings, after seeing it again on Wed when I went up to sign the lease, I am more in love with it. Plus, landlord was there (he was apparently there the other time, but works nights and so had just woken up and was not coherent at that time on Monday), and got to find out that the wood flooring, in addition to looking awesome, has radiant heat underneath it. I have hope that my feet might not freeze constantly all winter!! :):)

3) In the karma balancing scales of 2013, this means though that in addition to my current stomach troubles, I had near death experience on way to sign lease. Traffic was going well, and we were all traveling at 75 mph which is what you do on any non-curvy interstate in NJ (or you die, trust me). Suddenly all the tail lights in front of me (fortunately some distance away --- 3/4 or 1/2 mile or so) turn red. Cue me standing on my brakes, lots of smoke and squealing, and I managed to stop within 10 feet of car in front of me and not get rear ended (since as I said, traffic was light). However, after this, my car developed a distinctive sound like a flat tire at low speeds, and bone jarring vibrations through steering column and under my seat at normal speed (65+). Needless to say, this isn't comforting when I have a week of 3 hours of driving to look forward to. So, I'm off to car dealership early this morning.

4) Going away party with my team was lovely yesterday. Got a house plant, a picture frame, and a 100 gift card from macy. So i'm half whole from the $$ I dropped on snuggies for everyone as going away gifts. (half joke, half necessity as cold as it gets in our building in the winter...or hell, even in summer).

So needless to say, if you don't see me around here much, it's because i'm getting internet disconnected, and moving. Fortunately i will be able to check in on iphone.

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Sep. 14th, 2013


It was almost so easy

So, I've been looking at apartments for 2 days straight.

Started yesterday looking at a few of the complexes I'd identified. First one was nice - super leasing place, all brand new, huge kitchen, huge closets (as in they are the size to be a child's nursery). The area is a little industrial and backs up to river. STill, after 2 days, it was my favorite, i've been approved and was all set to spend MOnday getting my certified checks and signing the lease...Except I finally found a review of the complex. The bit that has me second guessing it:

CONS: Do you like birds? I mean, lots of birds, mainly crows. How about lots of Canadian
Geese? Well, if you answered yes to both then this is the place for you. The river acts like
a bird sanctuary. I've never seen anything like it. The geese shit everywhere and I guess the
building management doesn't feel that is part of the upkeep of the property. The one sidewalk
that takes you to the corner of Slater and Riverfront is just lined with shit all the time.
The noise can be unbearable from the geese at times.

Just....Yeah. I could see that being bad. And ensuring meganeed to wash car constantly to prevent paint damage. So, second guessing.

The other 2 I saw first day were very meh. Today, I saw 2 that were okay -- 1 was huge so utilities are a tad bit concerning. The other was beautiful and perfect -- lots of light, skylights, nice little balcony, nice walkable townhome community. ONly negative: super small kitchen with almost no counter space. Sigh.

So I'd gone back to the luxury condo I liked (this was before finding the review), and fell in love with layout and amenities again. Leasing agents loved my credit report and were super amenable...basically even said they'd give me the keys early so that I could start crashing their as soon as job started if I wanted while arranging the move, which was really selling me (implication being no extra charge, though I didn't verify this).

But then I read the review. And as much as I would not be looking forward to the 3 hour commute each day, I'm not sure I want to settle for an apartment that I love but that's in a neighborhood that's not ideal. I don't know.

I did look on the realtor site again and IDed some promising leads though, so I'm hoping that he's free on Monday and I can view at least a few of my top candidates. And then decide if I want to go to bank for the luxury bird sanctuary :P or keep looking (if I didn't find one I loved...or worse, did, but it end up not being available).

ETA and the realtor will meet me on Monday. At this point guilt from taking up so much of his time might have me going his way and waiting. :p. if nothing else he's going to score baked goods from me on Monday

Have I mentioned he's a baby? 23 years old. He makes me feel ancient now that I know that. (He looks more like late 20s to me, but I'm notoriously bad at guessing ages)

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Jun. 19th, 2013

elisha and puppy

random things

1) i think chrome has converted me from firefox. Many fewer image rendering issues and omg umpteen times faster. Safari has also made inroads thanks to easy syncing of fanfic to my phone and ipad.

2) Anyplace with >60% humidity needs a/c to pull said humidity out of air and not make 80 degree temps sweltering. Just not quite enough breeze off the lake in Lugano to do the trick. Not looking forward to slogging around in business wear tomorrow and friday in this.

3) a/c especially important in said circumstances to aid with headache treatment. Climbing stairs in a hot muggy unairconditioned hotel is enough to make one think you're having an aneurysm instead of very unhappy sinus migraine thanks to 9 hours of plane flight that included about 3 barometric pressure changes.

4) wow is this congress set up weird. The poster session and exhibitor area is in party tents. Tents!! Unairconditioned tents.

5) new work computer is oh so light, and oh so fast even if it has puny harddrive compared to my old one (which wasn't really old, but had developed annoying habit every few months of having a quirk of shutting itself off spontaneously for no reason.).

6) Very glad I have the work cell phone. I've already managed to have > 100 dollars of data charges.

7) Can someone please explain to me why Europe hates shower curtains? Or at least the hotels do? It seems like it would be cheaper to deal with than the mold.

8) in the same vein, wash cloths. I've gotten to the point that I always pack one, but still. I'm not limber enough to wash my back without one, thank you very much.

9) I was convinced I'd overpacked on food. I'm beginning to think I didn't. Then again, I'm also paranoid that the heat and humidity means my hamburger buns will start molding by Friday. Sigh. I really miss being an uncomplicated person

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May. 23rd, 2013

jeppy by luridmuse

9 years

May 5, 2004. Probably more like 10. Granted ive read fanfic since age of 16 when I got Internet access in a big way at the nerd high school. I wrote a lot of maRy sues that didn't ever make it to the Internet thank god. But then firefly came along and in combo with serious depression from hell lab I found fandom in a big way. I still haven't popped my con cherry, but I've had closer friendships for longer with some of you than with anyone I've known in real life. And ire ever fondly my foray I to fanfic awards moderation (blue sun awards. Also known as when Stacey had to finally read slash fanfic when some judges bailed), my trip down meta lane combined with the premature death of the she The Inside (also known as the Aston I didn't watch SYTYCD for 3 seasons), my entry to Farscape fandom, my first stalled mega wip that I still try to encourage my bunny to finish, and the various lj crises, and me finally acquiring slash goggles thanks to the avengers.

Along the way I've been lucky enough to meet several of you in person - Cassie, sabaceanbabe, PT, azuremonkey, fleshlycherry, inlovewithnight, and a couple of others. Some of you have married, had kids, had kids graduate, graduated yourself, and generally enriched my life either directly or vicariously through lertting me have experiences that I couldn't. And of course, gotten me used to responding to my best friends name or jp.

A decade is a long time. New Internet platforms come and go. I'm getting old enough that I find some of these new fangked things harder (twitter? Really? Nothing worth saying can be said in 120 characters. And I still don't know how to reply to tumblr posts). Through it all fandom is still here. And I still feel like my float is the greatest thing I've found on the Internet.

Especially since pt always manages to remind me when max martini is going to show up on my tv screen. Also gifts of Jeremy Renner never Hirt anyone and may be a means of achieving works peace.

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Mar. 2nd, 2013

unusuals worth and casey

Lost mojo...

So, in the past couple of weeks, someone has been having a firefly reunion tour or something because my old fics have gotten a lot of random kudos on Ao3. Which is fine, but really, kudos aren't all that satisfying.

All of which sparked me last weekend to digging out my push/firefly bunny and poking at it. I didn't do much other than read through the various treatments I have. While I have no clue where it would go past where I have it, the push fusion is actually the best. The straight crossover holds the most promise to having a plot but doesn't have as much heart. I edited them for a couple of hours but no real new words.

It really drove home that wow, I miss writing. Another thing to put on the to do list.

ETA...Okay, and now I seem to have signed up for the crossover big bang to give myself motivation...not that me participating in challenges has a large success history...

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Feb. 10th, 2013


Every day is a new day...

So the resolution is to get healthy triggery weight discussionCollapse )

To that end, I bought a vitamix after various flirtations with different juicing machines (no buying) that led me to conclude that if cleanup is a pain in the ass, it won't get used. Finally broke it out this week. First made cashew milk since fruit smoothies are great and all, but my body also has a distaste for too much sugar early in the morning and hypoglycemia is no fun. And dairy in citrus smoothies does not go well. (yes, yogurt would solve that, but corn free yogurt is difficult to find).

First observation: don't drink cashew milk straight unless you sweeten it. Like red bull levels of sweeteners. Guuh. How such a tasty nut can create such unappealing milk and butters, I have no clue. Seriously, STAY AWAY.

Second observation: orange and apple juice masks any cashew milk taint taste, and the resulting beverage is reminiscent of Orange Julius beverages. :):):)

Baby steps, right?

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Jul. 17th, 2012

bn spy break

if not one thing...

The only good thing about how busy I was this past week and weekend is I haven't had time to be anxious about the vacation trip. I've been pretty good about not being overly anxious in the past, but then, I've either been working (and so super careful) or on a car trip with some modicum of "well, I can always go shopping".

Not so this time. Granted, I'll be on my own Wed and almost all of thursday. However, friday and saturday they've planned lots and lots of sightseeing, with one of the instructions "eat a big breakfast because there's no food where we're going".

So yeah, I'll be the weird one with a backpack of food and bottle of water wherever we leave the vehicle just in case. Especially as this seems like it will be lots and lots of walking/hiking so plenty of time for my body to have an inconvenient hypoglycemia attack if I go unprepared.

So, I've got 6 zucchini bread doughnuts, that perhaps I'll have the will power to actually designate them as breakfast food unless other things look more promising. And I'm making a different kind of granola bar that won't be yogurt based so less chance of gas attacks (yay me of absolutely not lactose tolerance).

For those following along at home, here's the granola bar recipe this time around. [personal profile] cinco, this should definitely be gluten-free if you want to give it a whirl.

I've done this once before and it was very yummy, but then I was low on maple syrup so I used half honey and the bars didn't stay together very well. Fingers crossed that will be less of a problem this time. The mix tasted yummy anyways.

Okay, still need to make my hamburger buns, attack the clean laundry pile that may grow sentience in order to pack, and all that schnaz. Methinks the actual "cleaning" may be left to the day I return because I fail at adulthood.

ETA - \0/ bars stayed cohesive much better this time around. Though methinks that maybe lower cooking temp or time might be helpful too.

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Jun. 14th, 2012


Feels like fandom

Well, I've finally joined the personalized nature of ringtones. Found iTunes had ring tones for Tom McRae so now my general ring to e is Me and STetson. Slightly sad they didn't have a wider selection but oh we'll. Now I'll at least enjoy hearing my phone ring even if it is a collect call from my brother.

And all "fun" people that are likely to call have been assigned Raise Your Glass by pink. :)

Now to go cook, pack, and do the reviews I need to do for work instead of poking around iTunes ring tones

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Mar. 25th, 2012

unusuals worth and casey

I think i'll miss my comfort zone...

Soooo, the modified firefly/push bunny that fleshlycherry encouragingly launched at me has never really gone away. Though the frog and I were really confused as to how to make it work pre-movie since the post-movie bunny had promised so much angst.

Still, better to try to satisfy the one other person that I know is interested in cracked idea of this fusion.

So, I rewatched Serenity yesterday and started to get an idea of a few plot points that would help. But I was still flummoxed about what to do. And then promptly spent the rest of the day reading fic, interspersed with a couple of eppies of Glades (my summer brain melting tv is coming back soon \0/), and followed by falling asleep on the couch.

Cue to this morning of more fic reading with putting off of doing anything like going to the grocery store or actually cooking, and I think I've had breakthrough on this thing!!!


Of course, I can already see the bunny mutating and growing. Which probably means I need to bite the bullet and actually plot. *head desk*

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Mar. 5th, 2012

escape from jobtraz

I hate messages from the universe...

Methinks that the new years resolution for 2012 for the universe is to attempt to break me of my habit of procrastinating. Cause seriously, 24 hours into this week, and I'm regretting not doing everything that I had available to work on during the weekend.

Also, clients need to be seriously disabused of the notion that it's okay to send us work at 9 pm at night and expect it turned around by EOD the next day. Granted, it's not a TON of work, but still, it is when you consider I'm the only person covering 3.5 accounts this week and I have 1 other person that has a minimum of knowledge to be able to effectively help me if I start to drown on only 2 of those accounts.

Unfortunately, we can't say anything as we told them we'd staff up. But that takes time and everyone seems to think it happened overnight.

Now, I think i'm going to go to bed before midnight before I get too cranky as the next thing that I have due EOD tomorrow (that I knew about this weekend) will take a bit of mental effort.

*Icon is a reminder of how bad things can be. This is still better than bench work. and I like 90% of people I work with and 85% of my clients as people. Hell, this is better than grad school minus the not being able to completely make my own hours and having deadlines more than once per year*

ETA - I forgot to buy salt at store tonight. Which is fine because I also forgot that my salad spinner broke this weekend too. *face palm*

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Feb. 25th, 2012

unusuals worth and casey

3-day weekend...!!!

So, I have 4 carry-over days that I have to use before the end of march, and not when boss is out 1st week of march, and provide in-office supervision for our new hire starting March 1 (WOOOOOOHOOOOO. Everything is promising in our interactions thus far. Really hoping she sticks around unlike our others, and that we can convince our overarching boss to stop threatening to take her away in a few months time!). So, we decided I'd take coming monday off, and then the last 3 mondays of march. April might be hard to adjust to after that many 3-day vacations in a row! No plans for any yet. This weekend will be veg (and probably a little bit of work). I really should contact my friend in NYC for a get together for one of them.

Oh, and thank wendelah1 for the vgift! Very cute dragon. :)

Let's see, other than that, [personal profile] fleshlycherry has started watching farscape, which means some of this weekend I should spend catching up with her. It's hard to believe it's been probably a year or 2 since I watched any! Pretty much since I got the new tv as the stardard definition dvds weren't translating well to HD. But since the Blueray farscape set was only 100 bucks, I figured I'd buy that, and then let cherry keep my standard def discs. It still feels weird to get the series for that cheap! When I started watching back in 2006 or so, i was outpacing the release of the starburst editions so I ended up buying seasons 2-4 on ebay for at least a 100 bucks each. Ah well, money very well spent.

Anyway, Cherry's rewatch made me nostalgic yesterday so I went a read a lot of farscape crossover fic. *face palm* I know. Which somehow translated into reading some of tassos's old buffy/sg1 crossovers later into the night. Which woke my muse up and now I have a new firefly/push bunny nipping at my muse courtesy of cherry's second 15 character meme prompt.

But, also on the plans for today, CLEAN ALL THE THINGS followed by trip to store for more claritin D. And I'm hoping this headache from delayed coffee (and a dinner of cookie dough) doesn't decide to turn into full blown migraine. I think I'll hit the goody's powder right now just in case. Not really a headache, just a pain in the spot that is my normal migraine spot. Can't hurt to try to be proactive. Well, it hurts my tongue with the bitter, but I'll take that over a full day lost.

Hope everyone has a good weekend

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unusuals worth and casey

15 characters, take 3

Courtesy of fleshly cherry (prompt 1 of 2):

Who wears the high heels in the relationship between Cassie Holmes (1) and Zoe Washburne (8)Collapse )

Next, someone needs to make more prompts!

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